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Why Us?

Klear Moves offers affordable and efficacious services for dental organizations looking for a white-label clear aligner system that works. We can supply dental organizations with the technology, products, and services required to treat more patients. Our system is completely supervised by the dentist and our team of professionals.

With our services, your patients don’t have to trade off their well-being for affordability.

We use top of the line materials, equipment, and technology at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to give dental professionals the control to stay on top of their patient’s oral health and deliver long-lasting, functional and aesthetic results

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Take control in the management of your cases. We use web based technology so you can get a complete overview of your clear aligner cases, stages of design, manufacturing and delivery. Our team of professionals can guide you through the process, treatment protocol and aligner specifications. All from the convenience of your computer and a web browser. No additional software needed

Concierge Service

We offer bilingual clincal and technical staff. Our staff members and associates are here to assist you from case submission, until your patient leaves your office with their new smile. We offer personal one to one onboarding

World Class Standard

We quality check the whole process to deliver optimized treatment plans, predictable results and 510(K) cleared alingers and appliances Nothing is spared or overlooked. That helps us to maintain high quality throughout the process and keep our turnover time short.

Optimized retention

Our aligners use semi straight cut trimline, that extends below gingival zenith to provide that extra retention and movement control. This design may even help us to reduce the number of attachments needed for the treatment.


We Design
You Apporve
Two 50%
We/You Manufacture
Three 75%
You Deliver
Four 100%

We Support In-Office Manufacturing

Use our design service to fabricate aligners on your own premises. Combine your 3D printers with our treatment planning expertise. No matter if you’re a small dental practice or a large chain. You upload the scans, we plan and visualize the treatment for you and export a series of ready-made dental models. This radically cuts your costs. It’s available worldwide and it’s plain and simple:

How does our treatment planning service work?

1  ) Upload scans

Scan your patient and upload the data into our web portal. Digital Impressions and Pictures

2) Approve treatment plan

Our specialist will plan the aligner treatment and visualize the outcome for you. Once you approve our treatment plan proposal, we’ll generate production models for each step in the treatment.

3)  Download dental models

Download your models, print them in your practice and fabricate your own series of aligners.

Web Viewer

You Scan

We Plan

You Print

You Finish

No Scanner ? No Problem. We got you covered

Klear Moves is a MeditLink lab partner. You can send your cases directly via MeditLink without any extra fees or commitments. The new Wireless wand offers the freedom to scan any patient for multiple procedures. * All new scanner purchase get a free case with the purchase. This is a $3500 value. Click the link below and ask for the Klear Moves discount. * Up to 15 Stages

Treatment Protocols






More details are available after the registration with our web portal

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