How to create a Klear Move account


Open a browser and navigate to and at the top of the Home page click the Create Account link. (See picture below)

Fill out the form. Some fields are required others can be left empty. Optionally, toward the end of the form click Send This Password to Email? option, Agree to the Terms and Conditions and ReCAPTCHA.

To complete your registration, click the Submit Registration button at the bottom of the page.  (Click the picture below for more details about this form)

For your protection, please use a password that include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. We include a password generator for your convenience. Don’t share your password with anyone. Once you account is created you can use the Lost Password link or change or recover our password. The password can also be changed¬† in the Profile page.

Once the account is created. You will be directed to the Successful registration page. You can proceed to login to the portal. Click the Login Page link at the top of the page.